Hi! I’m Jess ^.^

You can call me Jess or gatisss, (I mean, I’ll gladly answer to gatisss if you really wanna call me that- I’ll certainly answer) (ps-the last ‘s’ is silent).

I’m traveling from New Orleans, LA to 221b Con and will be staying with two of my very best friends, Ace and Penny. I’m going to be cosplaying Mycroft, Richard Brook, and Q (maybe Eleven, idk idk). 

Typically, I’m not really into talking to strangers, but while I’m at cons, all I want to do is fangirl over all the other fangirls and cosplayers and chat it up with absolutely everyone. I’m totally okay with loads of hugs and smooches, and god help you if you’re cosplaying someone I ship my own character with. I love taking photos with people and will be doing some impromptu photoshoots throughout the weekend with friends with my own camera.

I will probably be super energetic once I’m in costume and wandering around in character, so PLEASE! Feel 100% free to snatch me up for anything! Or to give Mycroft cupcakes.

I’m really very excited to meet every single one of you! In cosplay or not, please introduce yourself! 

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