I got my Mycroft suit in the mail today and it is AMAZING.

I have a feeling I’ll be mostly just wearing the waistcoat, shirt, tie, and trousers, but my jacket will be with me (it’s rather large on me and I don’t have a sewing machine yet soooo)

But I’m very very excited about it all because it’s really comfortable and fits me well. 

Speaking of all this:

Are there any other Mycrofts or Lestrades going to 221b Con (only because I NEED TO HANG OUT WITH ALL OF YOU OKAY YES GOOD)?

  1. tiny-tiny-tiger answered: JESS I WANT TO SEE. HNNNG.
  2. thekoontzy answered: I be a Sherlock so I can come bother my older brother for the fun of it. Also how is your diet going brother dearest? <3
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